The Tarot cards represent the imaginary of collective archetypes that are present in human consciousness. And when we read them for ourselves or for others, we can access universal wisdom.

The Tarot can be used as a tool for expansion of consciousness as well as for gaining an understanding of a situation, relationship, behavior, etc. We normally used them in a spread, where each card falls in a predefined position, which makes it easier for interpretation. White Tarot offers free online readings where you can start your exploration. The Major Arcana is a good place to start when learning about Tarot.

Now, I will take you through 4 things you didn’t know about the Tarot. Are you ready?

1. Tarot is not “magic”

Current science has not yet discovered how the Tarot works, however, you already know that we are pure energy and that a thought can influence an atomic particle at a distance. There are many things yet to be discovered. So, open your mind and try to work with the Tarot cards. It will open the doors to the oniric world of the Soul through symbols, colors and images that will awaken our intelligence and help us to understand the ways that the Higher Self takes to expand consciousness and achieve the call of our hearts.

2. Tarot is the perspective of the Higher Self

When we use the Tarot cards, they can give us an overview of a situation from a higher perspective. We can discover our desires, unconscious motivations, what we still have in our minds, what we are manifesting, what is being transformed, etc. Our normal perception is generally focused on a goal, in a focal point. The perception of the Higher Self is complete.

3. Tarot is the representation of LIFE through a human perspective

Imagine the Tarot as a game. In this game, we have “themes,” represented by the Major Arcana, and “movements,” represented by the Minor Arcana. Each theme is a state of consciousness that is being activated by the situation we are asking. Each movement is what is experienced during the situation. All the cards represent situations that we can easily recognize, regardless of where we were born, our gender, our beliefs … As a species, we share the same nature and, as such, we have developed similar patterns no matter in what culture we were born.

4. Carl Jung described the Tarot cards as “archetypes of transformation”

Carl Gustav Jung is the founder of analytical psychology. His works are a reference for most scholars around the world. During his research, he also included “divination” systems, as he understood that they were a method of exploration of the unconscious. He was so fascinated with the I Ching that he wrote the preface of the German translation by Richard Wilhelm: “…A certain curious principle that I have termed synchronicity, a concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to that of causality. Since the latter is a merely statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of working hypothesis of how events evolve one out of another, whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance. (Foreword to the I Ching…). Jung included Tarot, astrology and divination systems to explore synchronicity, although unfortunately, he could not finish his research due to lack of funds.

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