Females in the wild have characteristics that women have lost through millennia. We, as women, have no idea what our true nature is. Men face the same thing. Those of us who have not been 100% successfully formatted by education and social standards, feel the difficulty of consciously repressing certain behaviors because they do not match with what society expects from us. There is no way to avoid this. You can become neurotic or an outcast.
Imagine yourself as the only human on Earth. There are no books that describe the “how to be a woman”, no one to explain what we are supposed to be … You are free to be yourself. Do you know who you would be?
It is not easy to be oneself when we have been absorbing cultural conditioning from birth. We are accustomed to an educational system based on the transmission of knowledge by imitation. There is no exploration of our uniqueness. That is why there is a shortage of geniuses.
It’s a problem … Being who we really are is a mystery. We have to go through the fear of being isolated if we do not meet the standard our environment. There is an unconscious need to fit in because if we do not, we don’t exist. How are we going to become unique beings if most people agree that a certain standard is the one we need to look up? The system in which we live does not foster intelligence but blind faith to the collective tendencies that are accepted to the majority.
There are many ways to achieve self-awareness, but it is important to realize how difficult it is when we are part of a society that does not encourage it. The ideal of femininity (or masculinity) contains neurotic projections that were born of the need to control the fear of our own animality. We have disconnected from the needs of our body because we could be punished for it. We have been domesticated.
Boys, girls … the best way to know how men and women are is by looking at children before they are told to behave in a certain way – possibly before the first year of life, when we still do not understand concepts.

Women are taught to close their legs from an early age. This is not because we need to act as “ladies”, but because we are forced to protect our genitals and avoid awakening desire in men. Nowadays this may sound old-fashioned but the customs remain. Unfortunately, animality is so repressed that it has deformed. That is why in the nineteenth century men only needed to see the ankle of a woman to “fall in love.” Repressed animality creates mental stimuli that manifest as exacerbated fantasies. Neurosis is the product of this repression.
We must reconnect with our nature to be whole and healthy. The difference between children and adults is that adults wear a thick layer of beliefs that condition our behaviour. It’s a long way to get rid of conditioning but is the only path to evolution.

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