Photo by Wayne Hsiung (DxE co-founder).

Direct Action Everywhere-DxE , Compassionate Bay and many other associations were present today at the California Senate in Sacramento, in support for #AB44, a bill that bans the sale of fur in California. The vote was 5-0 in favor of the ban and the bill passes to the next round.

Many of these activists performed a 150 Mile March for the #RightToRescue, demanding the right to rescue animals that are in a situation of distress extended to all animals. At the moment, the California Right To Rescue Act contemplates the rescue of an animal from a hot car and “… protects Good Samaritans from criminal prosecution of liability for civil damages.”

This Woman Is Marching 150 Miles For Animals

This woman is walking 150 miles to the CA State Capitol to ask the Governor if he will support the #RightToRescue animals starving inside factory farms.

Posted by Direct Action Everywhere – DxE on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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While plant-based businesses are booming, the aisles of major supermarkets already include a vast variety of vegan products, which shows an increase of demand for plant-based alternatives.

It is clear that the work of activists all around the globe is succeeding. I call it the “silent revolution”… slowly -and not so slowly- more and more people pledge in one way or another to go cruelty-free, and we can see this at the shops.

Animal Rights are going to be one of the milestones of our generation. As we are watching history in the making, the change in consciousness is happening as we speak.

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